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Minnesota Community Care Helps Teens and Community get Vaccines by Expanding into Local Schools

Kare 11 interviewed Minnesota Community Care‘s President and Executive Officer, Reuben Moore, about the increasing number of youth relying on them to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Minnesota Community Care shows a great example of how Community Health Centers make sure COVID-19 vaccines reach populations and communities that need it the most.

Click Here to learn more about how community health centers have expanded their services to meet their patients where they are at.

People’s Center Clinics & Services Respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic in a Heavily Somali Neighborhood

The StarTribune featured Minneapolis’ People’s Center Clinics & Services response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the community they serve, the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. This neighborhood is heavily populated with Somali patients who have been disproportionately impacted by the virus.

Click Here to learn more about how the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood was an early epicenter of Covid-19 and how thy have recently reported fewer weekly cases per 1,000 people than Minneapolis or Minnesota as a whole.

Scenic Rivers Health Services Addresses Vaccine Hesitancy in Rural Minnesota

Vaccine hesitancy in rural areas of Minnesota is discussed by Mike Holmes, CEO of Scenic Rivers Health Services. He addresses the barriers the health center faces in vaccinating the population in northern Minnesota. In addition, Mike shared his staff’s aggressive outreach strategy and the trust Scenic Rivers has with their patients.

Click Here to learn more about vaccine hesitancy in rural areas of the United States and how health centers are confronting this skepticism.

Community Health Centers are Trusted, Accessible and Vital for the most Vulnerable, Underserved Americans

Community Health Centers are an anchor for patients amid the Covid-19 pandemic. USA Today highlights Dr. Chris Reif of UMN Community-University Health Care Center and his longtime patient who have a discussion about the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Click Here to learn more about Community Health Centers and how they are helping to instill vaccine confidence in communities of color.

Community Health Care Clinics are Preparing for Future Violence in Response to Recent Health Care Shooting

The fatal shooting at a medical clinic in Buffalo last week is reigniting anxiety about safety and raising new concerns about how best to deal with irate patients vowing violence.

Click Here to read what Dr. Antony Stately, CEO of Native American Community Clinic, and Stella Whitney-West, CEO of NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center, shared with the Star Tribune about procedures in place to keep patients and staff safe with both internal and external security.

Native American Community Clinic Protects the Minneapolis Community from COVID-19

Native American Community Clinic held their largest Covid-19 vaccination event yet! 160 patients were scheduled to receive their Covid-19 vaccines on Saturday, February 6, 2021. Health care workers, elders and patients age 55-65 with high-risk medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity have been vaccinated at their clinic’s location.

Click Here to read what Dr. Antony Stately shared with KSTP-TV about NACC’s efforts to protect their community of indigenous people and beyond.