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Community Health Centers are Trusted, Accessible and Vital for the most Vulnerable, Underserved Americans

Community Health Centers are an anchor for patients amid the Covid-19 pandemic. USA Today highlights Dr. Chris Reif of UMN Community-University Health Care Center and his longtime patient who have a discussion about the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Click Here to learn more about Community Health Centers and how they are helping to instill vaccine confidence in communities of color.

Community Health Care Clinics are Preparing for Future Violence in Response to Recent Health Care Shooting

The fatal shooting at a medical clinic in Buffalo last week is reigniting anxiety about safety and raising new concerns about how best to deal with irate patients vowing violence.

Click Here to read what Dr. Antony Stately, CEO of Native American Community Clinic, and Stella Whitney-West, CEO of NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center, shared with the Star Tribune about procedures in place to keep patients and staff safe with both internal and external security.

Native American Community Clinic Protects the Minneapolis Community from COVID-19

Native American Community Clinic held their largest Covid-19 vaccination event yet! 160 patients were scheduled to receive their Covid-19 vaccines on Saturday, February 6, 2021. Health care workers, elders and patients age 55-65 with high-risk medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity have been vaccinated at their clinic’s location.

Click Here to read what Dr. Antony Stately shared with KSTP-TV about NACC’s efforts to protect their community of indigenous people and beyond.

Minnesota’s Communities of Color are Suffering the Most from COVID-19

Minnesota’s Community Health Center patient populations have disproportionately been impacted by COVID-19 and across the state have been testing positive for COVID-19 at 4x higher rate than the national average. 

Click Here to read how Axis Medical Center and other Health Centers have been battling COVID-19 on the frontlines since the beginning of the pandemic.

United Family Medicine Begins Distributing Covid-19 Vaccinations to Underserved Patients

United Family Medicine, one of Minnesota’s 17 Community Health Centers, have two key assets with vaccine rollout. First, long-standing trust that’s been built with their patients. Second, distribution sites like this one all across Minnesota.

Click here to learn more about their dedicated work in providing vaccines to underserved populations United Family Medicine’s newly created vaccination distribution clinic in St. Paul, MN.

Minnesota Community Care’s Mobile Health Start Clinic Helps St. Paul Students

Minnesota Community Care connects students and families to accessible care with their Mobile Health Start Program. With school being held online, St. Paul students face a larger barrier to getting the health care they need to be successful in and outside of school.

Click here to learn more about their dedicated work to providing affordable and accessible care.

People’s Center Clinics & Services Partners with University to Provide All Students with Access to Comprehensive Healthcare 

People’s Center Clinics & Services is working with Augsburg University to provide all students access to comprehensive healthcare. Some examples of services include immunizations, sports physicals, annual exams, well woman exams, flu shots, dental exams, preventive and restorative services, and behavioral health. 

Click here to learn more about the partnership between People’s Center Clinics & Services and Augsburg University.

Minnesota Community Care Addresses Health Inequities in Underserved Communities with their New Senior Leadership Roles

Minnesota Community Care is working to translate community needs into programs and services in underserved communities throughout Minnesota. Cindy N. Kaigama, MA and Ruben A. Vázquez Ruiz are addressing health inequities through their new leadership roles at MCC.

Click here to learn more about MCC’s new senior leadership roles.

Minnesota College Students Donate Tech Devices to Neighborhood HealthSource to Connect Seniors with Doctors

Neighborhood HealthSource received a donation from TeleHealth Access for Seniors, a student-led organization connecting low-income seniors with donated devices so they can easily access Telehealth services. The organization prioritizes seniors and their access to care as many providers shift to Telehealth in response to COVID-19. On Friday, students made a special delivery dropping off used iPads, smartphones and laptops that will help older adults continue care with providers at the clinic.

Click here to read how Neighborhood HealthSource will use these donated devices to connect older adults with doctors for Telehealth visits.

NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center Finds that the COVID-19 Pandemic shows Racial Disparities in Health Care.

Stella Whitney-West, the CEO of NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center in Minneapolis, says she sees themes of increased racial disparities reflected in their own clinic. She says, “90 percent of our COVID-19 positive tests have been from communities of color.”

Click here to view the Fox 9 article that explains how the coronavirus pandemic has re-exposed the deep racial disparities in Minnesota when it comes to healthcare.

People’s Center Sees an Increase in Racial Gap in Minnesota’s Health Care System Due to COVID-19.

At the People’s Center Clinics and Services in Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, 6% of the 1,980 COVID-19 tests given to white residents have come back positive since April. But among the 2,530 tests offered to African Americans, including those in the sizable East African communities near the clinic, 76% of the COVID-19 tests have come back positive.

Click here to read the StarTribune article where Ann Rogers, CEO of People’s Center, speaks on COVID-19 and how it has “worsened what had been a sense of concern around health care for people of color”.

Minnesota Health Centers Receive HHS Awards to Support Quality Improvement

4 Health Centers – Sawtooth Mountain Clinic, Scenic River Health Services, Southside Community Health Services, and Minnesota Community Care – received quality leaders awards. Neighborhood HealthSource received the Access Enhancer and Health Disparities Reducer Awards.

Click here to view the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), announcement of over $117 million in quality improvement awards to 1,318 health centers across all U.S. states, territories and the District of Columbia.

Lake Superior Community Health Center to Open New Dental Center in Carlton

Lake Superior Community Health Center opened a new dental center in Carlton, MN on August 4, 2020! LSCHC works to provide affordable dental appointments and procedures for those who may not be able to afford care. This is LSCHC’s fifth location and third dental site, with other locations in Duluth and Superior.

Click here to learn more about their grand opening and affordable care offerings in a time where there is a shortage of available dentistry for people.