UDS Resources

See links below for materials reviewed during MNACHC’s 2019 UDS Training!

HRSA UDS Helpline: 1-866-UDS-HELP or udshelp330@bphcdata.net

Binder Documents

Additional Training Materials Not found within Binder

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UDS Webinars

All of the webinar recordings and slides can be accessed on the HRSA UDS resources webpage under the 2019 tab.


UDS Basics

What is the UDS report and how do I submit it?

Recorded Webinars and Resources from HRSA

Quick Fact Sheets: At-a-glance resource that provides information such as key terms relating to UDS tables, highlights changes from the prior year, use of data, helpful hints for completing UDS tables, and cross table considerations.

UDS Data

Click the links below to access national, state, or health center specific UDS data.

UDS Mapper

  • UDS Mapper is a tool that maps UDS data and other population data (e.g. Census).