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Sage Program Eligibility and Cancer Screening Training 

MNACHC has partnered with Minnesota’s Cancer Screening Program (Sage) and the American Cancer Society to record a webinar training on the new Sage eligibility requirements for screening, and relevant enrollment information for participating organizations.

This training is ideal for new staff and other staff within your organization to learn about the Sage Program and how to work with eligible patients to access free breast and cervical cancer screening.

Highlights of the training include:

  • Overview of breast and cervical cancer prevalence and trends
  • History, purpose and goals of the Minnesota Department of Health’s Sage Program
  • Sage eligibility, including new guidelines and case studies
  • Sage enrollment process (i.e., what paperwork needs to be completed by staff and patient, where do they submit paperwork, and what can patients expect when/if approved?)
  • Resources and contact information


Click here to access the training recording

Click here to access the training slides

Click here to access the document with the webinar links


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