Readiness to Train Assessment Tool (RTAT)

As a part of MNACHC’s federal work plan set forth by HRSA’s Bureau of Health Workforce, we have been asked to distribute the Readiness to Train Assessment Tool (RTAT) survey to Minnesota’s FQHCs and FQHC look-alikes. This tool will help to assess organizational readiness to implement health professional training and education (HP-ET). 

HP-ET are defined as any formal organized education or training, undertaken for the purposes of gaining knowledge, and skills necessary to practice a specific health profession or role in a healthcare setting. This can include established agreements with academic institutions to host students, formal agreements with individual students, directly sponsoring accredited or accreditation-eligible training programs, and much more.

The RTAT is a 41-item survey developed by Community Health Center, Inc. that assesses readiness in these areas:

This survey instrument was developed and validated specifically for health centers to allow for early identification and mitigation of barriers to engage in HP-ET. By completing the survey and scoring the results, health centers can identify areas to improve their overall readiness to engage with HP-ET, or readiness to implement any HP-ET that they deem appropriate for their workforce and types of patient populations.

For a more in-depth RTAT overview, you can review this short presentation and FAQ:

A PDF of the RTAT is also available:

The RTAT survey link has been distributed to contacts at each Minnesota FQHC and FQHC look-alike. The survey will be available for completion until February 28th, 2021. CHC, Inc. will provide raw survey data to MNACHC and each FQHC by June 2021.

Once raw data is distributed, MNACHC will be offering assistance to help health centers develop a targeted strategic workforce plan that will include HP-ET that meet the needs of the community, as well as offer training and TA to help achieve overall workforce goals.

Please send all RTAT-related questions to Erica Lester, Workforce Specialist