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Health Center Board Governance Academy

Clinic boards can utilize these resources to inform, guide, and improve their governance of community health centers.  Check each folder for a variety of resources and documents. All documents can be printed, shared, or edited to suit your needs.

  1. HRSA Requirements
  2. Governance Guide
  3. Strategy Planning
  4. CEO Board Relations
  5. Governance Innovation
  6. Smart Meetings
  7. Performance Management

Board Training Webinar Series from MNACHC

To view webinars, you may need to install the WebEx plugin. It may take a moment for the recordings to load. Enjoy!

Webinar 1: Introduction/Basic Board Responsibilities with Brian Osberg, Chair Person, Southside Community Health Services (16:49)

Webinar 1 Slides

Webinar 2: Stakeholder Engagement (13:45)

Webinar 2 Slides

Webinar 3: Community Health Needs Assessments (16:43)

Webinar 3 Slides

Webinar 4: Strategic Health Services Program Planning (18:16)

Webinar 4 Slides

Webinar 5: Provider Staff Planning and Recruitment (Taming Talent Tremors) (16:07)

Webinar 5 Slides

Webinar 6: Capital and Operational Budgeting (23:45)

Webinar 6 Slides

Webinar 7: Board Committees (17:39)

Webinar 7 Slides

Webinar 8: Clinical and Service Quality Assurance (11:29)

Webinar 8 Slides

Webinar 9: Board Self Assessments (11:26)

Webinar 9 Slides

Webinar 10: CEO Performance Management (16:05)

Webinar 10 Slides

Webinar 11: Advocacy and Board Contributions with Danny Ackert, MNACHC (16:49)

Webinar 11 Slides

Webinar 12: High Performing Chairpersons with Brian Osberg, Chair Person, Southside Community Health Services (17:33)

Webinar 12 Slides