Finance & Billing

MNACHC CFO/Billing Roundtable

MNACHC hosts a quarterly CFO Roundtable that provides CHC CFOs an opportunity to share best practices, learn about state/federal legislative developments, and informally discuss the challenges facing CHCs in Minnesota.  All member CFOs and key staff are welcome to attend the meeting. If you would like to sign up to receive notices of upcoming CFO meetings, contact Daniel Ackert.


Core Metrics 

Information on submitting Core Metrics can be found by clicking here!


Minnesota DHS FQHC Reimbursement Resources

  1. MN DHS FQHC Home Page
  2. MN DHS FQHC Provider Manual
  3. MN DHS FQHC Billing Manual
  4. MN DHS FQHC Alternative Payment Election Form
  5. MN DHS FQHC Change of Scope Form
  6. MN DHS FQHC Change of Scope Worksheets 
  7. MN DHS FQHC Caseload Survey for New Sites/Organization