Lab Manager

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1. Responsible for the direct supervision of the laboratory personnel and maintenance of policies, procedures, and quality controls practices within the clinical laboratory under the administrative direction of the laboratory director and Director of Performance and Quality Improvement.

2. Performs as a Medical Technologist.


1. The candidate must be able to demonstrate the ability to assess a situation from many perspectives, consider various alternatives, and choose the appropriate action.

2. Demonstrate good leadership by developing standards of performance, areas responsible for accountability, and delegation of authority to various personnel, (e.g. Taking inventory and ordering lab supplies, and performing tests in all areas of the laboratory).

3. Demonstrate the ability to review and update laboratory policies, procedures, and quality control manuals as needed.

4. Ability to correlate lab results with diagnosis and capable of questioning all incompatible results. 5. Ability to motivate and encourage staff to develop teamwork.

6. Demonstrate the ability prioritize tasks and plan for completion of remaining duties.

7. Coordinate laboratory performance improvement (Delegate testing of external proficiency testing and internal or on-site proficiency testing as required).

8. Capable of evaluating new tests and or equipment.

9. Ability to assume responsibility for managing all departmental quality controls, personnel scheduling, developing policies and procedures, equipment maintenance, and record keeping.

10. Establishes and maintains all laboratory quality improvement programs, ensures that program meets all CLIA 88 requirements.

11. Ability to orient new laboratory personnel to laboratory policies and procedures.


1. Collect specimen, such as body fluids from patients and carry out test on them to determine normal and abnormal components; examine blood chemical analysis and prepare paper results of laboratory findings.

2. Sterilize laboratory testing tools before and after use to avoid the spread of diseases.

3. Keep record of laboratory supplies and check stock constantly to know which item is available and which is not; identify items in shortage and liaise with accounts department to place order for them; check supplied items for durability upon delivery; and verify receipts after transaction.

4. Keep work environment clean; dispose wastes properly and observe pest control measures.

5. Practice safety measures by obeying safety rules and manufacturer’s guidelines, and fire prevention guidelines to avoid explosions and fire accidents.

6. Work with physicians, doctors, and other medical staff in diagnosing patients’ conditions and carrying out experiments to identify the gravity of infection as this is important in creating effective treatment plans for combating severe cases of ill health.

7. Enter details of tests conducted in the lab in a computer system for record keeping and future reference.

8. Interpret lab test results to the receiver; explain lab codes and terms which ordinary people wouldn’t normally understand to them.

9. Create, set, and monitor testing machines during procedures to prevent inaccuracy in results due to malfunctioning equipment.

10. Send out test results to the right person, such as the patient, doctor, or a researcher.

11. Ensure the safety of lab results; keep them away from third parties who have no business with them to ensure confidentiality and privacy.

12. Prepare tissue sample cultures and cross-match blood for transfusion.

13. Ensure judicious use of laboratory materials by applying the right quantities of substances to avoid wastage.

14. Analyze several results from lab tests to arrive at a comprehensive diagnosis to obtain a direction for treatment.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: The prospective employee for this position must have a degree in medical technology (MLT) with at least two years of working experience as a medical technologist, Lab manager/Director or Technician. Must be ASCP or equivalent certified.

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