Communications Specialist

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The Indian Health Board of Minneapolis Department of Communications & Community Engagement is seeking two communication professionals who can prove knowledge and can supply a portfolio of works across community management, strategic planning, creative design, and project management.

The Communications Specialist delivers digital and print content across various formats for healthcare units and supports ongoing content marketing strategies. Aids with digital marketing in creating, reviewing, and editing content including the website, while ensuring brand and quality standards. Collaborates with technical writers and production teams in publishing technical content such as design/product guides, ads, brochures, and videos for online and external publication. Manages social media calendars, trains staff and third-party agencies on use of brand and communications playbook for cohesive brand visibility.

Proven ability in Adobe Creative Cloud products, specifically: Illustrator and Premiere Pro CC. Assist with six months of brand expansion and implementation. Hold a SPEAK MPLS Non-Profit Organization storyteller membership to book production studio, equipment, and take production classes. Collaborate across IHB (Indian Health Board) departments to develop campaigns related to health awareness events (day, week, or month observations), video or on-demand clips for clinic updates and programming. Train with a local artist to learn brand applications and develop Canva templates.

The specialist will share project management tasks for communications and community engagement in each quarter. Responsible for purchase requisitions for marketing and administrative tasks. Plan and package campaign projects with departments. These consist of time required by staff to complete projects, costs itemization, deciding strategic deliverables and assets, and sending bids for projects over $10,000. Retain quotes, estimates, and invoices to process payment promptly following financial protocols and reconciliation deadlines.


  1. Sort and follow up with general email requests
  2. Manage Facebook access, roles, and posts
  3. Edit and share proofs of flyers, print documents, and social media posts in Canva
  4. Maintain website pages with regular updates (Health Programs, COVID-19, Events Calendar, and short-term landing pages)
  5. Create a timeline to redesign the clinic website and decide host that best integrates with required IT resources
  6. Submit Purchase Requisitions and reconcile payments with Finance
  7. Help with tasks requiring branding (patient forms, stationery, business cards, staff badges, signage/name card requests, templates, and print/newspaper ads)
  8. Build relationships with local artists, vendors, media consultation firms, and outdoor marketing agencies
  9. Uphold the IHB brand standards by using the official brand manual, extension files, artwork, and expand assets when needed.
  10. Inventory, store, and manage equipment or branded assets in locked or appointed secure location
  11. Complete a quarterly communications and engagement report


  1. Preferred Bachelor’s Degree in the following fields: business communications, marketing communications, social media and digital communications, and creative media.
  2. OR Minimum of three years of proven experience working with print media, digital/ graphic design, project management, contract/ consultation negotiations, and processing payment requisitions to pay artists, vendors, and partners delivering branded assets for print, digital, and multimedia campaigns
  3. Knowledge and respect of the American Indian culture.
  4. Knowledge and experience with local American Indian community partners and agencies.
  5. Ability to understand and meet the needs of the healthcare patient through respectful, courteous, and caring interactions with patients, families, and other health professionals.
  6. Actively takes part and works positively, flexibly, and cooperatively in a team effort to carry out the goals of the Indian Health Board of Minneapolis.


IHB makes reasonable efforts to limit access to and use of protected health information (PHI) by employees to the minimum necessary performance of assigned duties as outlines in job descriptions. This position is access restricted to PHI needed to carry out health care operations.


The work requires some physical exertion such as periods of standing, walking, bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, reaching, carrying of light items and driving an automobile and other similar activity. The work environment involves high risks with exposure to potentially dangerous situations requiring a range of safety and other precautions.

Important: The COVID and Influenza vaccine are required at Indian Health Board

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