Bilingual LPN/Clinical Medical Assistant

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The LPN’s primary job function is to promote efficient clinic flow by assisting the provider and/or nurse with day-to-day tasks, perform functions within the laboratory, assist patients with clinic paperwork as necessary, and interpret and translate for CHSI staff as needed.

Primary Duties

  1. Completes pre-visit preparation documentation
  2. Assists the provider and/or nurse with health-related tasks such as collecting and recording vital signs, basic in-house labs, calling patients with lab results, and other duties assigned by clinical staff.
  3. Assists the nurse or provider with minor office procedures, examinations, patient education, and referrals.
  4. Assists patients with signing a release of information forms and faxing vaccination consents, and procedural consents.
  5. At the discretion of the RN, preps and administers vaccinations as needed.
  6. Interprets and translates for CHSI staff as necessary.
  7. Completes intake of scheduled patients and promotes efficient clinic flow, assuring everything is done for the patient before they leave.

Laboratory Duties

  1. Collects and prepares human samples for analysis. Stores samples appropriately. Uses appropriate labeling. Works collaboratively with staff to collect the appropriate specimen using sterile technique.
  2. Adheres to correct testing procedures. Performs tests in chemistry, hematology, coagulation, microbiology, and urinalysis. Able to recognize sources of error and limitations of the method.
  3. Uses analyzers and instrumentation according to manuals. Troubleshoots problems take corrective actions and seek assistance from Quest Diagnostics or supervisor as necessary.
  4. Uses the bidirectional interface within Centricity to process labs and charts results in the patient’s electronic health record.
  5. Prepares, labels, and stores reagents. Inspects new lots of reagents and media and tracks expiration dates.
  6. Performs Quality Control specimens at required frequencies. Takes corrective action when controls are out of range. Documents and retains all Quality Control data for three years.
  7. Assures that patient results are accurate. Specimens sent to Quest Diagnostics are monitored to assure that reports are received in a timely manner.
  8. Knowledgeable of the regulations governing laboratory testing and adheres to those regulations.
  9. Knowledgeable of the safety policies and adheres to those policies. Maintains a safe, clean, and orderly work area at all times.
  10. Assistance is performed in a professional, caring, and helpful manner to ensure patients receive care and assistance in a timely and efficient manner.
  11. At the start of the day, start the lab computer and all the machines within the lab.
  12. Helps with the maintenance of the vaccine storage unit
  13. Performs monthly autoclave maintenance, consisting of cleaning and spore testing.
  14. Performs a weekly inventory of the lab, assuring there is at least a two-week supply of all equipment.
  15. Performs and maintains patient confidentiality on electronic devices at all times.

General Duties

  1. Performs duties essential to the position and organization.
  2. Performs other duties and tasks as assigned by the supervisor.
  3. Expected to be prepared to start shift at the scheduled time, meet attendance standards, and work the hours necessary to perform the essential functions of the job.
  4. Conforms safety policies and general housekeeping practices.
  5. Demonstrates sound work ethics, flexible, and shows dedication to the position and the community CHSI serves.
  6. Demonstrates a positive attitude, is respectful, and possesses cultural awareness and sensitivity toward patients and co-workers.
  7. Keeps customer service and the mission of the organization in mind when interacting with all patients, co-workers, and others.

Job Specification

  1. Education: high school diploma
  2. Certification/Licensure: CPR, CMA accepted, but will also train in house
  3. Good communication skills are required in both English and Spanish.
  4. Must be a self-motivated individual with good organizational skills.
  5. Experience working in the healthcare field is preferred, but not necessary.
  6. Must have good computer skills.

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