What is a Community Health Center?

We have created four videos about Minnesota’s Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), also known as Community Health Centers (CHCs). These videos promote the visibility of FQHCs, increase awareness of the continued need for access to health care, and tell the story about community health centers’ role in addressing this need. We hope you enjoy watching these videos which highlight Minnesota’s 17 Community Health Centers.

What defines a Community Health Center (CHC) and how is it different from other clinics?


Who are our patients and how do CHCs work with them to improve health?


How do our staff see their purpose and what inspires their dedication to their clinics and this model of care?


What are some of our community partnerships and how do they shape the care at CHCs?


MNACHC would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Greater Twin Cities United Way and RCHN Foundation of New York for their support of this project. They made it possible for us to do this work to increase awareness of the need for access to health care and our Minnesota community health centers’ role in addressing the need. And, a tremendous thanks to Hlee Lee of Hlee Lee Productions for her insightful work with Minnesota’s FQHCs. A professional videographer, Hlee serves on the Board of Directors of West Side Community Health Services of St. Paul. Through her professional and personal experience, she brings a deep understanding and sensitivity to these videos.